Looking for a Torx driver outside the United States?

Australian Mac users can find Torx T-15s at Dick Smith's or Alltronics.

British Mac users can find the screwdrivers online at RS Components, part number 217-3560, at a price of UKP6.85 (exclusive of VAT and P&P). Halfords and PC World, as well as many other hardware stores, should carry the Stanley line of Torx drivers, which are also useful.

Canadian Mac users are probably best off finding a Radio Shack store. Radio Shack Canada part number 64-1947, called a "Reversible tip star driver," will work fine and costs $5. Radio Shack Canada also has this in their mail-order catalog if you're not near a store. The Vermont American bit listed above might also be found at local hardware stores.

Luc Verhelst and Martin Castiau have been diligently searching Belgium for Torx drivers and found two sources. The national chain Superbois has them in the form of a multi-tip screwdriver pack that includes a T-15 tip. Be sure to get the optional extension or it will be too short. "Metalen Galler," a hardware store in Antwerp, has the 200mm Wiha T-15 with the T handle for about 9 Euro. They will ship at least to Belgian addresses; if you want to enquire about shipping to elsewhere in Europe, try e-mailing them at met.galler@skynet.be and ask. And let me know what you find out.

Marten van de Kraats and Richard, the omnipresent Netherlands contingent on the lists, present the following: Torx T-15 drivers can be obtained at Grottendiek, Laan van Nieuw Oost Indie, The Hague and Radio Rotor, Kinkerstraat, Amsterdam. Dutch Mac users not in either city can order one by post.

Dr. O. M. Betz has traipsed the wild Black Forest of Germany and reports that the Wiha 364/T 15x200, available at finer tool shops around the country for about 6 Euro, will work quite nicely. If that doesn't suit your taste, you may find the Westfalia part number 753343 screwdriver shaft and handle set (about 10 Euro) useful.

Chris Adams, maintainer of the Macintosh SE Support Pages and resident of Copenhagen, Denmark, writes that the hardware stores of Johannes Fog carry Torx drivers, including T15s. There's a store in Kongens Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, at Nørgaardsvej 3, tel. 45 87 10 01.

If you don't live in any of the above countries and don't have a local source for these screwdrivers, eBay usually has several for sale by sellers who ship internationally. If you're totally stuck, contact the pickle and he'll see what he can do.

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