After several years on the 'Net, a person starts to get some pretty strange messages showing up in e-mail. When you do lots of computer-related stuff as I do, and people think of you as a source of information, this strangeness gets multiplied by a rather large factor.

Just for the record, I'm a stickler for grammar and spelling; an occasional typo doesn't bother me, but people who write like English is their fifth language when they grew up in the US and went to school here really annoy me. And for Christ's sakes, it's not that hard to spell "pickle" correctly.

Why "Pickled People?" Because pickling involves soaking cucumbers in acid, and my comments spare no aciditiy themselves. These people brought their public skewering upon themselves with their ineptitude.

All e-mail correspondence posted here is copyrighted to the original sender; I am posting and quoting it under the fair use of criticism and/or parody. If you're here, you deserve it. Enjoy your infamy. Now fuck off and leave me alone.