Basic Questions

1.1.1 - What the heck is a Radius Rocket, anyway?

The Radius Rocket was a NuBus-based CPU accelerator card, manufactured in the early 1990s by Radius, Inc. It had a Motorola 68040 CPU on it, eight 30-pin SIMM slots for up to 128 MB RAM, and connectors for various daughtercards to add functionality. With multiple Rockets installed in a system, the RocketShare software allows for a sort of parallel processor set-up. Back to FAQ Index

1.1.2 - How many different models were there?

There were four different models of the Radius Rocket - the Rocket 25, Rocket 33, Rocket 25i, and Rocket StageTwo. Back to FAQ Index

1.1.3 - What were the Rockets' respective specifications?

Model Rocket 25 Rocket 33 Rocket 25i Rocket StageTwo
CPU type MC68RC040 MC68RC040 MC68LC040 MC68RC040
CPU speed 25MHz 33MHz 25MHz 40MHz
FPU Yes Yes No Yes
Power Draw 2.5A @ 5V (1) 3.0A @ 5V (1) ? @ 5V ? @ 5V
Driver Software RocketWare/
RocketShare (2)
RocketShare (2)
RocketShare (2)
RocketShare only

Note 1 - with 8MB RAM; power draw will be higher with more RAM installed.

Note 2 - RocketShare required for multiple-Rocket installations. Back to FAQ Index

1.1.4 - What Macs will a Rocket work in?

The various Rocket models will work in any Macintosh with a 12" NuBus slot. They will not work in a Mac IIsi with the NuBus adapter due to thermal and space limitations claimed by Radius; I think a Mac IIsi with a very small HD could probably use a StageTwo Rocket successfully but haven't had a chance to try it. The Power Macintosh 6100 is also allegedly incompatible with the Rocket, but again, I believe with a low-profile hard disk and a NuBus adapter, the StageTwo Rocket would work just fine in a "pizza-box" Mac like the 6100 series. The earlier Rockets tend to overheat much more easily and almost certainly will not work.

Use of any Rocket in a Power Mac requires RocketShare 1.3 or 1.3.1. Back to FAQ Index

1.1.5 - Where can I get one of these babies?

RadiusVintage still has some new stock of the Rocket 33 cards with a 90-day warranty at $79 each. There are new old-stock StageTwo Rockets available on for $40 shipped. eBay occasionally has original and StageTwo Rocket parts on auction, and Junkyard Jeff has some Rocket parts as well. Back to FAQ Index

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