History of this FAQ

4.1 - Why this FAQ?

There is virtually no information left on the Internet about the Radius Rockets. After a long discussion on the Vintage Macs mailing list in late 2000, the pickle and b.b. decided to put together a FAQ to supplement what little information there is. (Yes, it took them just over six months to coordinate their schedules enough to work on it.) Back to FAQ Index

4.2 - Who helped out?

Thanks go out to Rob Huggins, Gary Adams, Ben Koh, Ken Santucci, Gregg Eshelman, and Dan Knight for lots of useful information, and all the folks on the Vintage Macs mailing list back in October 2000 who helped out with ideas and tips. Thanks also to all the folks on the Rocketeer mailing list for being such a helpful resource. Back to FAQ Index

4.3 - Revision History

01 May 2001: Inital structure posted, some content posted. Back to FAQ Index

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