Original Rocket Add-Ons

2.1.1 - What add-ons were available for the original Rockets?

There were two daughtercard add-ons for the original Rocket: a PhotoBooster card and a SCSI-2 card. Both are relatively rare now. Back to FAQ Index

2.1.2 - What is the PhotoBooster daughtercard?

The PhotoBooster daughtercard for the original Rocket added twin AT&T 3210 DPSs running at 66MHz to the Rocket for an additional speedup in Photoshop. Version 2.5 of Photoshop is required to take advantage of the DSPs, and version 4.0 was the last version to fully support the DSPs. For more information about the PhotoBooster accelerator, check out this RadiusVintage Q&A document. Back to FAQ Index

2.1.3 - What is the SCSI-II daughtercard?

The SCSI-II daughtercard for the original Rocket allowed a Rocket to have a SCSI device attached to it, giving the Rocket control over the device via its external HD-50 SCSI connector. The card provides 5MB/s throughput (which was a lot at the time the Rocket was new) and, when used in conjunction with the RocketShare software, allows the Rocket to take over a device such as a scanner or SCSI-based printer. This frees up the computer to do other tasks while the Rocket processes the SCSI data.

RadiusVintage still has some stock of the SCSI-II daughtercards at $29 each with a 30-day warranty. Back to FAQ Index

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